UI Pipe Fittings Pvt Ltd

Butt weld & Socket weld pipe fittings in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel
Engineering excellence underpins all of our activities

UI Pipe Fittings Pvt Ltd is a proud manufacturer of butt weld pipe fittings, offering 24 / 7 manufacturing from a large inventory of all materials, in all sizes from plate, welded or seamless tubular products, for every shape and configuration. The buttweld pipe fittingscome in numerous shapes like 90º elbows, reducing elbows, 45º elbows, tees, reducing tees, concentric reducers, eccentric reducers, caps, stub ends, crosses, reducing crosses, and 180º LR and SR return bends.

We have modern high quality machinery, together with a very experienced workforce, to ensure a high quality output, delivered to your timescales. To ensure quick responses and high quality without relying on outside sources, UI performs in-house all testing such as dye penetrator, magnetic particle, chemical analysis and hardness.

  • Chemical Laboratory - Well equipped Laboratory in-house with well recognised ancillary facilities for Spectrometer for analysing all chemical elements.
  • Physical Testing Laboratory - Well developed ancillary facility for Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine and Machines to measure Brinnell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness.
  • Metallographic Laboratory - Well developed ancillary facility for Metallurgical microscope with arrangements for photomicrography, and Image Analysing.

UI's two state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing facilities 30000 and 10000 sq.m respectively in Hyderabad are ideally situated at the centre of India's road and rail and sea network ensuring fast reliable delivery to customers at home and overseas.

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